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Pt IB Exp.Methods
 1B Experimental methods questions 2013Part IB Physics AProblem sheet11/10/13 10:38:21
 Lecture 1 SlidesPart IB Physics AHandout11/10/13 10:41:22
 Lecture 2 slidesPart IB Physics AHandout13/10/13 19:58:46
 Lecture 3 slidesPart IB Physics AHandout15/10/13 17:50:00
 Lecture 4 slidesPart IB Physics AHandout16/10/13 00:06:34
 Lecture 5 slidesPart IB Physics AHandout20/10/13 21:18:44
 Lecture 6 slidesPart IB Physics AHandout24/10/13 10:32:57
 Lecture 7 slidesPart IB Physics AHandout25/10/13 11:24:59
 Lecture 8 Paper 1 SaundersPart IB Physics AHandout28/10/13 00:19:23
 Lecture 8 Paper 2 I C WalkerPart IB Physics AHandout28/10/13 00:20:08
 Lecture 8 slidesPart IB Physics AHandout28/10/13 00:17:18
 Notes on Lecture 1Part IB Physics AHandout11/10/13 10:45:02
 Notes on Lecture 2Part IB Physics AHandout15/10/13 17:57:00
 Notes on Lecture 3Part IB Physics AHandout15/10/13 17:56:09
 Notes on Lecture 4Part IB Physics AHandout16/10/13 00:08:42
 Notes on Lecture 5Part IB Physics AHandout20/10/13 21:16:24
 Notes on Lecture 6Part IB Physics AHandout22/10/13 22:54:15
 Notes on Lecture 7Part IB Physics AHandout25/10/13 11:25:34
 Notes on Lecture 8Part IB Physics AHandout28/10/13 00:09:18

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