Links to course webpages

These links are to standard summary webpages for each course, which show all course deadlines and any handouts for the current year only. There are also links to lecturers\' own webpages for the course, where they exist. Such webpages may contain links to a range of material, such as examples, demonstrations, background reading and other material which is not distributed as handouts.

Synopses for all courses (including a list of prerequisites, learning outcomes and assessment details) are available individually on the course web pages listed below, or collectively for each year of study from the following links:

All handouts, for all courses and years, but not the subsidiary material, can be found here, and for the current term in the filing cabinets outside the Pippard Lecture Theatre. Hardcopies of all handouts can also be obtained directly from the Teaching Office.

Tripos PartCourse nameResponsible Person
Part IADynamicsDr Julia Riley
Gravitational and Electromagnetic FieldsProf Mike Payne
Oscillating SystemsDr John Biggins
Rotational Mechanics and Special RelativityDr Lisa Jardine-Wright
Waves and Quantum WavesProf Jeremy Baumberg
Practical WorkDr Dave Green
Practical WorkDr Julia Riley
Part IBClassical DynamicsDr Dave Green
Condensed Matter PhysicsProf Sir Richard Friend
ElectromagnetismProf Chris Ford
Experimental MethodsDr Liam O'Brien
Mathematical MethodsProf Chris Haniff
Oscillations, Waves & OpticsProf John Richer
Quantum PhysicsProf Stafford Withington
ThermodynamicsDr John Ellis
Practical work LentProf Richard Phillips
Practical work MichDr Bill Allison
Part IIAdvanced Quantum PhysicsDr Richard Batley
Astrophysical FluidsDr Debora Sijacki
Computational PhysicsDr David Buscher
Concepts in PhysicsProf Mike Hobson
Electrodynamics and OpticsProf Henning Sirringhaus
Particle and Nuclear PhysicsDr Tina Potter
Quantum Condensed Matter PhysicsProf David Ritchie
RelativityProf Mike Hobson
Soft Condensed MatterProf Eugene Terentjev
Theoretical Physics TP1Dr Claudio Castelnovo
Theoretical Physics TP2Dr Austen Lamacraft
Thermal and Statistical PhysicsDr Bill Allison
Computing practical work (2)Dr David Buscher
Experimental PhysicsDr Pietro Cicuta
Computing ProjectDr David Buscher
Research ReviewsDr Rachael Padman
Vacation ProjectsDr Rachael Padman
Physics EducationDr Lisa Jardine-Wright
Part IIIAdvanced Quantum Field TheoryDr D B Skinner
Ethics in PhysicsDr Richard Jennings
IDP1: Atmospheric Chemistry and Global ChangeProf John Pyle
IDP2: The Earth system and Climate ChangeProf Harry Elderfield
IDP3: Materials, Electronics & Renewable EnergyProf Neil Greenham
Major topic: Advanced Quantum Condensed Matter PhysicsProf Crispin Barnes
Major topic: Atomic and Optical PhysicsProf Zoran Hadzibabic
Major topic: Biological PhysicsDr Eileen Nugent
Major topic: Biological PhysicsDr Pietro Cicuta
Major topic: Particle PhysicsDr Christopher Lester
Major topic: Quantum Condensed Matter Field TheoryProf Ben Simons
Major topic: Relativistic Astrophysics and CosmologyProf Anthony Lasenby
Minor topic: Exoplanets and Planetary SystemsProf Didier Queloz
Minor topic: Formation of Structure in the UniverseProf Roberto Maiolino
Minor topic: Frontiers of Observational AstrophysicsDr Richard Saunders
Minor topic: Gauge Field TheoryDr Ben Gripaios
Minor topic: Medical PhysicsDr Sarah Bohndiek
Minor topic: Non-linear optics and Quantum States of LightProf Mete Atatüre
Minor topic: Particle AstrophysicsProf Andy Parker
Minor topic: Quantum InformationProf Crispin Barnes
Minor topic: Superconductivity and Quantum CoherenceProf Gil Lonzarich
Minor topic: The Physics of Nanoelectronic SystemsProf Charles Smith
Nuclear Power EngineeringDr Geoff Parks
Philosophy of PhysicsDr Jeremy Butterfield
Quantum Field TheoryProf M J Perry
EntrepreneurshipDr Shima Barakat
ProjectsProf Charles Smith
Vacation ProjectsDr Rachael Padman
General Physics Examples ClassProf Richard Phillips
PostgraduateParticle and Nuclear PhysicsDr Tina Potter