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These solutions are provided by Rachael Padman and some of her friends on a "user-beware" basis. They have no official standing, and in most cases, are completely independent of the model answers prepared by the examiners for TQA and other administrative purposes. If you or your supervisor find any errors, then please contact the solution author direct (emails are provided). But please don't contact us individually to ask for clarification of the solutions -- bring that up in your supervisions if necessary.

Please make every effort to attempt the questions before consulting these solutions. There is little point in turning up at a supervision to say simply that you don't understand the answer: learning comes from attempting the questions first.

The coverage of answers is somewhat incomplete, and tends to correspond to the courses we have each supervised in particular years. But having said that, we hope they are useful to you. Click on the link below to search for solutions by Course, Paper, Year and Author.

Rachael Padman & Friends

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