TiS maintenance

The TiS is now back up, but the on-line hand-ins are not working yet. I will fix this ASAP.

If you do come across anything else not working, please let me know!

Known issues:

  • None at present.

Rachael Padman, 10th April, 2019

Web access to the teaching databases in the Department of Physics

Both staff and students can use these pages to access the Department of Physics Teaching Information System (TiS).

In order to use this site, your browser must be set to allow session cookies.

Users who have already registered on the TiS can log in using Raven, via the link at the top right of the page.

New Users

Students should automatically be registered on the system. However, if you have changed tripos then you may not be on our database. If you can't login, then please contact the Undergraduate Office who will then contact your college for the necessary information.

Staff and supervisors need to do three things:

  • If you don't already have one, request a CRSID from the Computing Service.
  • Again, if you don't already have it, get your Raven password (see below).
  • Once you have your Raven login details, request a log-in for the teaching databases.

About Raven

Raven is the University of Cambridge web authentication server, and to log in you will need your Raven password.  If you use the Hermes mail-store, then you can get your Raven password here. If you don't use Hermes, then you can request a Raven password here. If you have a Raven password and your login is rejected by the teaching system, please let the Undergraduate Office know your CRSID so that we can enable your account. If you have lost your Raven password, or it doesn't work, then read this first.

Please note that the Raven authentication service is operated by the Computing Service, and not by the Department of Physics.